Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Restocking Table

I find the default restocking table a little limited. Here's a slightly expanded one, along with notes/examples of how I use it to restock Stonehell Dungeon.

Roll two d6s. If the first demands a monster or special, use the second to determine which.

1d6 Restock Monster Special
1 Monster Same Level Hidden Treasure
2 Monster & Treasure Same Level Trapped Treasure
3 Special Same Level Trap/Trick
4 Nothing Other Level New Room
5 Nothing Other Level Local Color
6 Nothing Outside Encounter

Monster: Usually just repopulated from the wandering monster table of the selected level. If not from the current level, 50/50 up or down, and a 50/50 chance of picking from that level or going one further.
Outside means a new denizen has wandered in. If you have overland encounter tables, you can roll on that or just grab any random monster.

Traps: Obviously something that should be reasonably mobile or could have been quickly constructed.

New Room: Room is substantially changed. Expanded or caved in, new exit, repurposed, or entirely new. On the upper levels of Stonehell, this would probably be the work of the kobold fixin' crews, while on the lower levels, it'd be warped by the nixis' influence.

Local Color: Something small to set the tone. Evidence of the goings on of the other inhabitants like spoor or graffiti, or details of the ecology or just something weird. In Stonehell, I'd roll on that d100 table in the back.

Encounter: The kind of things that are too specific for a monster table, but don't require a room remodel. Quests, NPCs, a unique monster, etc.

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