Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Cumberland County: Deputies in the Fantasy Deep South

AKA: Rural Fantasy, Backwoods Detectives, Swamp Noir
Major Influences: Fantasy Redneck Adventure Generator, The Andy Griffith Show
Minor Influences: Southern Gothic, D&D
System: Roll for Shoes
Campaign: Series of one-shot mysteries. 2.5 so far

Upon discovering the Fantasy Redneck Adventure Generator, I was so enamored with the mashup I knew I had to run it. Check it out. It's fantastic.
While the actual entries from the generator haven't made much impact, the flavor caries through.

Players are deputies, investigating crimes in a mashup of tropes from standard fantasy and the Deep South. Schoolmarms, moonshiners, jalopies, and southern plantations meet miracle performing priests, orcs, giant crabs, and magic.

Adapted from the Pokethulu map

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